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Indian Kitchen By Veena
-- Veena Bhavanam

How To Find A Perfume That Suits You

11 Feb 02

Hello Everybody,

It’s very difficult to select a proper perfume till you get hold of one. The keys to selecting the right perfumes is identifying how your body works with certain perfumes, what your perfume wearing habits are and most importantly what types of fragrances you like.

Everybody’s body chemistry influences the way a fragrance smells: Temperature, diet, medications and the oiliness of your skin all have an impact. Generally, individuals with fairer coloring tend to have dryer skin and therefore should wear a stronger fragrance that will not disappear immediately. Fragrances tend to last longer on those with darker complexions

Select the strength of your perfume fragrance depending on your needs. If you want your fragrance to last all day long, try bit stronger perfume. If you want less strong perfume but still want it stay for longer period, try to use the same brand body wash and moisturizer and body lotion.

Tips for using the fragrance of your choice:

  • Wear lighter scents during the days especially if the weather is hot or humid. Bolder fragrances should be saved for eveningwear.
  • Be consistent with the scent of your perfume, body wash and lotion.
  • Apply perfume to pulse points such as wrists, behind ears, crook of elbow, ears, base of throat, behind knees and inside ankles. Try putting on perfume before getting dressed to avoid perfume stains on clothing.
  • Keep fragrances out of direct sunlight and discard unused perfumes after one year.
  • Remember, the key to smelling incredible is finding a fragrance you enjoy.


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