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Use of Gems in Astrological Remedies

02 Feb 06

Effective Use of Gems in Astrology!

Consult Menon For the most appropriate Gem suggestion

There is no need of an introduction to the world of Gems for it has become a house hold name in the recent past. Today there is no Jewellery or Gem merchant in the world who does not boast of the mystical powers of gems and its multifarious uses.

The oxford dictionary defines “Gem” as a ” precious stone something of great beauty or excellence”. It is therefore necessarily a stone , something that is natural, organic and derived from the mother earth. Though many a crystal and artificial glass piece is also termed as Gems they are in fact not Gems in the above sense and not a subject matter of discussion here..

The discovery of gems dates back to pre historic period and there are references in Indian Puranas and mythology about various precious Gems those were being amassed and formed part of the treasuary of the Emperors. The award for any exemplary achievement either in warfare or in fine arts were rewarded by gifts of precious stones. It is a well known fact that the the most celeberated Diamond KOHINOOR has gone from India to the then British Empire.

Gems have become affordable and formed the property of common man later, and Gem studded jewellery is now part of the wardrobe of any modern woman.

From time immemorial besides the use of gems for the ornamental purpose its hidden qualities to substitute vital elements of Human body was known. Though believed as the Magical properties of these stones they were being used for various ends from Reaping riches to Remedying the maladies.

Perhaps the first standard classical Vedic Astrological text that referred about Gems is HORA SARA of the great Indian Astronomer cum astrologer VARAHAMIHIRA. The later works in and outside the country more or less copied the author on the subject. However it was not until the development of the modern science and chemistry the chemical properties of these natural stones were made known to the society and scientific testing of the stones originated. Further It also came to light that the gems are store house of abundant energy. The colour and the energy Vibrations of different frequencies contained in these stones acts as a substitutes of human body elements the imbalance of which causes diseases both physiological and psychological.

Though the identification and the grading of the Gems was once through the most crude and conventional way of close examination and observation by the Human eyes where the subject element was pronounced and the chances of cheating was not uncommon, today there are scientific gem testing labs through out the world where the grade and genuiness of the Gems are scientifically tested .

The effect of the various organic gemstones in the human body were experimented by the late astrologers and native medicos and stunning results were observed. Ever since remedies by gems has taken the front seat in the astrological remedies may be due to its easy and effortless use.

The effect of Gems is basically through the energy vibrations it creates when worn in the body and also through its colour. It may not be irrelevant here to mention the system of colour therapy to cure diseases and also the application of colour concept in various other psychic healing techniques.

It has since been scientifically proved and documented the various frequencies of energy vibrations emitted by the organic Gem stones . They vary from Gems to Gems and compares well with the energy vibrations to offset the imbalance produced in the human body by the deficiency or otherwise of the vital elements which is being called the ‘Panchabootha’ or the basic 5 elements viz. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether which results in the 3 types of Doshas (Classification of human body chemistry in Ayurveda) viz Vaatha , Pittha , and Kabha.

Having seen the evolution of Gem therapy and its curative qualities let me explain in brief the various Gems and its uses in Astrology.


Ruby has been considered since time immemorial as one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. It has wonderful colour, excellent hardness and an overwhelming brilliance.

India was considered as the birth place of Rubies. The term "corundum” which we use today is derived from the Sanskrit word "kuruvinda”. In the Sanskrit language Ruby is called "ratnaraj”, which means "King of Gemstones”.

As per Indian classical astrological texts Ruby represents Sun the ruler of the solar sytem. It is being used to offset the weakness of the Sun in the horoscope. The problems connected with a weak Sun in the horoscope are

1) Psychological & external factors:- Lack of will power and leadership qualities. Authority and displeasure of superiors, ill will of Father and father like people, Govt. and rulers etc.

2) Physiological & Internal:-cardiac problems,High or low blood pressures,Fevers, laziness etc.

3) Remedy by Ruby:-

The Ruby of good quality is to be worn by the people who have weak sun in their horoscope subject close examination of the horoscope and the weight is to be minimum of 2 carats for normal body weight. The stone to be set in gold and to be worn in the ring finger of the right hand for Men and left hand for women.


Pearl an organic gem, is formed when a pearl oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre. Though pearls were rare and costly once, often comparable in price to gold and other costly jewels today it is available in plenty thanks to pearl culture . They were rare because they were created only by chance. Today pearls are cultured by man: shell beads are placed inside an oyster and they are returned to the water. The pearls are later harvested, when the oyster has covered the bead with layers of nacre. Japan is the major producer of Pearl.The quality of pearls is judged by the orient, the size and luster, the reflectivity and shine of the surface. Fine pearls do not have any flaws or spots in the nacre: it has an even smooth texture. Other factors which determines the quality are the regularity of the shape, size, and color: Cultured pearls and natural pearls can be easily distinguished by examination. Cultured (and natural) pearls will feel slightly rough, like fine sand paper, because of the texture of natural nacre. Artificial ones will feel very smooth because the surface is moulded or painted on a smooth bead.

For curative or for remedial purpose Natural pearl is the best one.However since the natural pearl is almost not available or very costly Cultured good pearl can also be used with same results. However artificial pearl is of no use in the astrological parlance.

Remedies in Astrology:-

Pearl is an effective remedy for the weak moon in the horoscope. The symptoms of a weak moon in a chart are indecisions , lack of courage, immorality, wavering mind ,Asthma,Bronchitis,dermatitis etc. In short all matters affecting the emotional side can be remedied by pearl. However the suggestion for wearing a pearl should be given with caution as physical ailments caused by a weak moon cannot be remedied by pearl as it may lead to worse situations in cases of Asthma, bronchitis etc. The help of a professional astrologer should be sought in such circumstances.

Red Coral:-

Corals another organic Gem are produced by very small life forms, that get settled in the depths of warm seas in vast colonies, .

The fragile Coral trees are collected from the depths of seas by means of dragnets. Today fine quality of coral has rather become a rare commodity a more environment friendly approach is applied and only Coral branches are collected by divers now a days.. The pieces are then cleaned, sorted, and treated with saws, files and drills. Coral is never ever cut like other gemstones.

Uses of Coral in Astrology:-

Red coral is a stone that has to be suggested with caution. While Coral can be suggested where the planet is beneficial and favourable the same cannot be used to ward off its evil effects as perceived by many.


Emerald is perhaps the most beautiful gem among Navarathnas. . This prince of the navaratna Family have the most intense and radiant green found in any organic objects. The name emerald comes from the Greek smaragdos means 'green gemstone'. Many a mystical story has been woven around this magnificent gem.

Vedas, the earliest known holy scriptures of the Hindus , mention about this gem and its healing properties: The treasure chests of Indian maharajas boasted about wonderful emerald pieces. One of the world's largest emerald is the so-called 'Mogul Emerald'. It dates back to 1695, weighs 217.80 carats, and is some 10cm tall.

perhaps certain fine emeralds are costilier than diamonds.

Some of the magnificient emeralds are to be seen in famous world museums and collections. The New York Museum of Natural History, has a large exhibit of emeralds. A cup made of pure emerald which belonged to the Emperor Jehangir is one of the rare pieces exhibited there. 'Patricia', one of the largest Colombian emerald crystals, which weighs 632 carats is also found there.

Uses of Emerald:-

Emerald is a gem that can be success fully used in astrological remedies without much caution. The planet being sober in nature normally do not give negative results except in rare cases when it becomes a first rate functional malefic.The gem is used for academic excellence , concentration, intelligence and educational achievements.

Yellow sapphire:-

Physical properties Sapphires , are simply crystallized alumina and in their pure form are devoid of any colour. Sapphires are found in various colours which include pink, blue, green, yellow, orange and white. In india, yellow sapphire is known as pukhraj,(Pushpa ragam or pushya ragam) and blue sapphire is known as neelam. It has a specific gravity of 3.99, mean refractive index 1.765 and hardness of 9 on the moh's scale. Occurence Sapphires are found In India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Thailand, Australia, U.S.A, U.K., Nepal, Mexico, Zambia and Nigeria.

Astrology Vs. Yellow sapphire:-

The best of all stones in the navarathna family that bestows the wearer all riches, wisdom, health and knowledge of the ultimate. Girls immensely benefit by this stone for finding their life partners. Physical ailments such as bilousness, chronic liver complaints and gall bladder stones etc can be successfully remedied by this stone if suggested by an expert astrologer. The stone represents Jupiter the biggest planet in the solar system.

It improves vision, gives life security, protects ones from poverty, removes adversity,misfortune and melancholy. In diseases, it cures diarrhoea, gastritis, ulcer, rheumatism, jaundice, insomnia, heart troubles, impotency, gout, arthritis ,pain in knee joints, etc. It should be worn in gold, on 1st finger of right hand on a Thursday in bright half of the lunar month.. The weight should be more than 6 grams.


Physical Properties:-

The name diamond comes from the greek 'adamas', meaning 'invincible' in recognition of its exceptional hardness which makes it resist any form of abrasion by other minerals.

Diamond is carbon in its pure form. It has a specific gravity of 3.52, mean refractive index is 2.418 and has a hardness of 10 on the moh's scale.

Chemically there is no difference between diamond, coal and graphite. But the unique atomic bonding makes the difference.


Diamonds are found in Australia, Russia, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Tanzania, Brazil and India. In India diamonds are found in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.


For a diamond to be real, it must possess some inclusions. These inclusions are visible by naked eye or under magnification. The small black spots visible in diamonds are crystals of graphite or other forms of 'carbon'. These black spots shine under light. Diamonds have an affinity for grease, the surface of a cut diamond will generally have a film of grease if it had been handled.

The most important test of a diamond is that, all light entering the front of the stone is totally reflected from the back facets which form a series of mirrors.

Diamonds in astrology:-

Diamonds represent Venus. Afflicted Venus creates problems with regard to reproductive systems , marital life and comforts in life. A weak venus makes life devoid of luxury and comforts. However suggestion of this stone and its uses demand thorough knowledge of astrology . Further apart from the chemical effect of the stone on human body it is observed that each stone/piece has unique quality that may bring good or bad results and as such demands trial use.

It is said that the one who wears a diamond has a luxurious life . Diamond is also supposed to enhance the name, fame and artistic quality of the person. Diamond is a hot gem. It improves financial conditions and blesses the native with comforts and peace of mind It also adds to the virility of the person especially in males. The gem is also helpful in diabetes, diseases of urinary tracks , of private parts, syphilis, skin and uterine diseases. Diamond should he worn on ring finger of right hand on a Friday in any white metal. The weight should be ¼ or ½ gram.

Blue Saphire:-

This gemstone exists in all the shades of blue skies, This splendid gemstone, however, also comes in many other colours, not only in the transparent royal or dark blue or of horizons, but also displaying the bright fireworks of sunset colours – yellow, pink, orange and purple.

the yellow of which was explained above.

Uses in Astrology:-

This is perhaps the only gem the use and prescription of which calls for maximum care ,restraint, and analysis. I have observed in this forum and also elsewhere astrologers suggesting the blue sapphire indiscriminately for all the doshas of Saturn including the Sadesathi without a thorough study and analysis of the chart to determine the functional nature of the planet since it is natural malefic. In my opinion there is no worst sin than wrong upadesha and the suggestion of this gem casually is the worst of its kind leading to the destruction of the subject sometimes even culminating in death or death like experience.

I caution each and every client to seek the services of a well known Astrologer cum gemologist with vast experience to determine the efficacy of this gem to avoid disasters.


Physical properties:-

The western name of the stone is derived from greek 'esson' meaning 'inferior' persumably these gems are regarded to be less valuable.

Gomedh is a gem of garnet family. Magnets can pull these gems which is a very special phenomenon, as magnets otherwise pull only certain metals. Chemically it is known as grossular (3cao.al2o3.3sio2).

It is found in number of colours like green and pink but generally it is orange brown like the colour of the urine of the sacred cows in India as it is known in India as Gomedh.

It has a hardness of 7.25 on the moh's scale, specific gravity is 3.65 and refractive index is 1.74.


It is available in abundance. It is found in india, sri lanka, brazil, australia, tanzania, south africa, burma, mexico, russia, italy, kenya, canada, u.s.a, and malaysia.

In india it is found in Andhra pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan and Bihar. Gaya mines in Bihar are the biggest source of this gem. Recently, very good quality of this gem has been discovered in Orissa.


This gem contains inclusions which look like scattered islands or flat bubbles. The colour is like honey shining under a ray of light. The inside, when viewed under magnification looks like a thick sticky liquid and certain areas look out of shape with lesser transparency.

Planet Rahu is is represented by this stone . Rahu is responsible for dermatitis, leprosy, Cancer etc. beside delaying of issues and other mundane achievements. ..

Gomedh protects its wearer from sudden misfortunes.This is normally reddish-chocholate in colour. Gomedh is cold in nature.

It should be used in silver on saturday on 2nd finger of right hand. The weight should be more than 6 grams.

The determination of the efficacy of gomedh also calls for close study of the chart.

cats Eye:-

The color ranges from a honey-brown to an apple green with rich gold colors generally the most valued. The most important value factor is the strength and sharpness of the eye.


The gem is used to represent the kethu the jnanakaraka planet . I have found it to be effective when the planet is in upachayas or when it is a functional benefic.

(The author acknowledges courtesy to various sources for the technical and historical details of the Gems)

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