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Q: I find that in Computer Section some answers are really silly and does not pertain to the question asked. It seems that the rating is given based on the length of the answer rather than on the usefulness of the answer. Can check to see that answers are rated only on their being useful rather than on stupid criteria like the length.
-- abc, Your location 11/18/04

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I agree. I am a CM in computer category. I used to reject the response which are silly and unrelated to the query . In Ammas guidelines it is clearly stated that useless and vague responses should be marked "Unacceptable".I reported the same issue in council message board a few months back. It happens in all the categories."I do not want to rate this response" option has been provided. if the CMs couldnt decide the quality of the response or if it is too lengthy to read they can use this option rather than awarding few points in haste.


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