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Q: Looks like ammas council members - most of them don't have their own recipes. When someone gives their own recipe then why do you want the "source".or " link"... If you think it is from some source then why don't your write in your comment the the recipe is from this source. Does Ammas rule say that you have to give the recipe from some website only?
-- xyz, Your location 11/16/04
Council comments

Source: n/a

Dear XYZ,

I presonally rate original recipes higher than the same quality copy/paste recipes. Nowhere in ammas guidelines it is mentioned that you should give the recipe from some websites only.

In "Beauty" category I faced the same problem. After mentioning Source: My Experience" I didnt get any comments asking for source. You may follow the same method by mentioning "it is my own recipe" or "from my experience".

Yes, it's true that the CMs feel if the particular recipe is c/p one,they should prove it by mentioning the source in the comment box(I do the same). I am sure that the users appreciate the original recipes rather than the copy/paste ones. Keep up with your good work and just ignore the comments.


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