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Q: Hi all- I will be going to chennai this december (during my India trip) and I will get a day to do some shopping. I don't know any one from chennai. I would like to know some shops for dresses (Indian). I will not be able to make too many stops either. Since I have only a day to get around, can you tell me top 3 or 4 places you shop and always were pleased with the selection aswell as price. I am not looking for places where just a dress would cost me 20-30k rupees. My range is more like 1000- 5000 rupees. P.S : Can u please include some details about the shops like which part of chennai, etc -Vandana
-- Vandana, US 11/11/04

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Dear Vandana,

T.nagar is the ideal place for shopping in Madras.

Ranganathan St, T.nagar is the best place for buying cheap and best dresses. Jayachandran Textiles & Sarvana store are the best shops over there.

For silk sarees, designer collections and readymade garments T.Nagar,Usman Road is the best place. there you can find shops like


2. Nalli silks

3. Kumaran stores

4. RMKV (best shop in my experience)

5. The chennai silks

They are all located in the same row.


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