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-- Manju Thangudu

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Q: Recipe for Shredded Corn Bhel
-- Anonymous, USA 01/08/04

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Shredded Corn Bhel

My favorite snack that my mom used to make

Preparation time ([days] hrs:min): 00:05

Cooking time ([days] hrs:min): 00:05

No. of servings: 8

List of ingredients:

  • 1 Teaspoon melted butter  
  • 4 Cups shelled corn (raw tender corn preferred)  

Cooking procedure:

Heat a pan. Add the butter. Melt the butter and add the corn. Cover and cook for about 3 minutes.

Once the corn is tender. Cook the corn on high without a cover till all the corn is golden brown.

Sprinkle salt and Red chilli powder. Sprinkle some coriander leaves.

Serve with Lemon. Just tastes great on a rainy day.

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