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: how to make karapayasam ? plz advice badly needed.
-- Lakshmi Rekha, UK 08/06/06
Milk - 1 litre Sago(Chowari/Sabudana) - 50 gm Pineapple(big) - 1 no red chillies, green chilli - As reqd Ghee - A little Preparation Method 1)Wash sago seeds well and dry it with a cloth.

2)Pour little ghee in a pressure cooker.

3)Add the sago seeds and stir for about 2 mins.

4)Add some water and cook upto 1 whistle.

5)Reduce the flame and cook for 10 mins on low flame.

6)Heat up another vessel.

7)Add milk and red chilli and mix well.

8)Add the cooked sago seeds to it.

9)Cook, till it becomes thick and payasam consistency.

10)Keep it in the fridge over night.

11)Chop the green chillies into very small pieces(can be grated also).

12)Heat up a frying pan.

13)Add chilli gets dissolved nicely and the mixture becomes thick.

15)Before serving, mix together the payasam and hot caramel nicely.

:- Serve hot.

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