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-- rajani rayudu

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Q: Dear ammas, My son who is 3 1/2 yr old is anaemic,can i give him honey everyday,as here we dont get spinach ,kidney or liver.could u give meother sources of increasing iron .Thanx
-- Mrs.Meena, Vietnam 06/07/03

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hello mrs meena,well you can give him honey if he likes it,but its not a good source of iron. the best source of iron is red meat-mutton/lamb/goat/beef/pork.also include lots of vitamin c rich foods in diet as these are proven to increase iron absorption-foods like fresh fruit juices,lemon,orange etc.if your son is slightly anemic ,you can make it up with iron rich diets,but if it is to a severe degree-i suggest you take him to a general practitioner for iron suppliments.but do not ignore this problem as iron is essential for childrens' brain development. cheers

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