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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: Hi, I d like to know if it s bad for la...
Hi, I d like to know if it s bad for ladies to walk past by idols or pictures of Lord Ganesh or Lord Hanuman on days when menstruation? If that s the case, if there are ladies present in the house at the absence of a puja room one should not keep idols in the house is it? Thanks in advance.
-- tania, COLOMBO 07/02/11
A: The pragamtic way to avoid such situation is to keep the idols in a temple model and fix it on the corner as per vaastu. Its adivsed to not to touch the temple by ladies during their mestruation or after sex etc. times. Ladies have to sideline theemselves from worship and puja activities and touching on Puna items and idols etc. should be strictly avoided. In a room where there is shortage of place/area, and living one or two ladies of their reproductive age should keep themselves a distance from such holyness carefully and seriousness by themselves.

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