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Recent Vaastu Advice

Q: my flat door enterance is south -east, can we go fot it?
we are buying new house in vasai west, the enterance of the flat is at south-east position, can we go for it, please suggest at earliest possible.
-- savita pravin shinde, india 04/18/10
A: Dear Savita, It is good that you are buying a new house in vasai west. Yes the main enterance plays exteremly role in vaastu,this is because it allows the entry of good or bad luck into the building all the time.Hence,it is imperative to take great care while deciding on the location of main entry. The south esat is a senstive direction,this direction resembles a well-wisher,who although senstive,is angry by nature.The owner of the south-east is Agni,lord of fire and its representive planet is shukra(venus).The sun,provider of life to this universe,is at its harshest when it enters this direction and the heat generated is compared to fire. It is adviseable to purchase the house but try to enter the house having a good muhurta and doing puja archana,but it will be better to make the purchase deed on any friday and after shifting place red swastika,it will help to convert the energy as peaceful one. Carry on do leave the oppturnity to puchase it. My best wishes are with you dear.

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