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Q: astrology
Date of Birth: 13-10-1974
Time of Birth:7:40PM
Place of Birth:Madurai

Please give me abrief of my husband's horoscope. His parents are always complaining of ill health, can u tell me based on his horoscope what remedies we can do. Will we settle down permanently in USA. Also he has his CFA level 1 exam this June, pls tell me how successful will he be.My info is 28th March 1981 at 7:45AM Chennai, even Iam giving CFA level1, Will I be successfu in the exam.

-- Anonymous, United States 01/06/10
A: Dear Anonymus, It is good that you are worried about your huband his CFA Level –I exam, about his parents and about their health. Dear here i would like to mention one thing that from your husband’s horoscope we can locate the remedies for the health problem of your in laws. Now let us discuss the horoscope, your husband is having an Aries Lgna, Virgo Rashi, and Uttara Phalguni Nakshtra and in these days the dasha of Rahu- Ven-Sat is running. Let us discuss about his parents first-his 4th house this house represents mother and the 4th lord is in 6th house and is associated with debiliated Venus and two malefics Sun and Mars.In 4th house there is no planet posited but there is an aspect of Rahu is there but no worries dear there is also a saviour factor that an aspect of jupiter is there on the 4th house and the fourth lord, but there is also an aspect of Ketu is there on the 4th lord. In Samudhya Ashtakvarga there are Maximum bindus these are43 which shows the good position of his mother. Now let us discuss the Dwadashamsha Chart which chart represents parents.In Dwadashamsha Chart the 4th lord is debliated in 7th house and is associated with malefic Sun and moreover debiliated Saturn is posited here with 6th lord the lord of disease and Ketu is also giving an aspect to the 4th house.In this chart the position of 4th house is very weak,this house represents mother ,hence due to this reason there are health problems to your mother –in law.There is a need to donate white articles on behalf of your mother-in law on Mondays.You can also recite the below given mantra for 108 days regular one mala,start recieting this from any Tuesday morning,the mantra is, “Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Se Bhomaye Namah” this will enhance the strength of the forth of the Dwadashamsha Chart. Let us discuss the house of your father-in –law.Let us discuss the D-1 Chart of your husband, in his chart his 9th house represents father and Sun is the karka for father.Sun the kaka for father is again in the 6th house the disease related house-the sixth house.His 9th lord Jupiter is in 11th house and is in retrograde position, there is also a malefic aspect of Saturn and Mars is there on the 9th house,this shows the problem of your father-in law,may that be the health problem,but no worries dear Sun the karka for father improves the position in Navmasha as it is of its own sign in Navmasha Chart. This is time to discuss the Dwadashamsha Chart for your father-in –law.In this chart the 9th lord is in 4th but it is at the 8th position from itself again it does not show the good position of the health of your father-in law.Againg there is also a need to start recieting one mala for him daily, this is the, “Om Braam Breem Braum Se Budhye Namah” recieting this mantra will enhance the 9th house in Dwadashamsha Chart, start doing this on any Wednesday. As in Dwadashamsha Chart the lagna lord saturn is debiliated and is posited there in the fourth house and it has an aspect of debiliated ketu on it (as the ketu is debiliated in the birth chart), hence remedies of Saturn are also required here, moreover there is also an infulence of Sade Sati is there upon your husband and his parents also-so all the three should start doing black donations on Saturdays-black urd dal should be put by them on every Saturday in the donation box. The chances are less to settle down permantely in USA,as for settlement abroad there must be a affliction of 4th house is necessary but there is no major affliction in the fourth house in your hubby’ S horoscope and Rahu the foreign planet is in its debiliation in his birth chart, so try to enhance the power of Rahu to achieve your wish for permanent residency abroad.Yes there are chances to stay the sufficents years in USA, but lastly he will come back to his motherland. The chances are there to qualify theCFA Level-1 exam, but lot of struggle is required.Upto November 2014 there will remain a influence of Sade Sati, hence all his works will be done with great efforts and more labour.He is advised to lead a discplined life particularly in the phase of Sade Sati.He should avoid wearing black, avoid non veg.and whisky etc. And should start praying Sri Hanuman Chalisa daily and should also start applying Tilak of mustured oil daily, it should be started from the coming Saturday. In your case there are chances in September2011 to achive success in your CFA Level –I exam. So do the required remedies& My Best Wishes are with both of you and your parents.

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