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-- Happy Momma

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Q: Dear Amma, this is site is a great help to me. My question is I have Real draw pro, I make images and icons with it, but when I insert those images on Frontpage I dont seem to get the full image, instead I get half of it. Can you tell me why?
-- Risha, USA 07/24/02

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Microsoft Frontpage and Real Draw pro are excellent software for people doing web development or just artists who use the computer. Anyway, both have features like animation, 3d images, multimedia, seamless bonds etc. Though both work on the same platform – Windows there is quite a few differences between them. While Frontpage is webbased, Real Draw is not all that internet friendly. Anyway, Real Draw let’s you directly export its files to Adobe Photoshop with a great deal of transparency. So once you export it there, you can then export it from photoshop to Frontpage. Then it should be able to accept it well. I’m not very sure of what extension is given to Real Draw files, you can check on that too.

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