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-- Happy Momma

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Q: Dear ammas, Iam a very new driver and extremely timid and nervous.I have to drive to work I am a bit alright with forward driving but very clumsy with reverse driving ,not at all able to do it properly..I dread taking my car from our driveway everyday I have often ended up getting stuck up in the middle of the reverse manouver,unable to coordinate speed and steering control. My usually patient husband is mad at me for my poor driving skills...Why are husbands the worst instructors! We have ended up fighting over this , these days.Can you give me a few tips on reverse driving please..My ideas always go wrong! And when I do one mistake , instead of recovering from it , my nervousness causes more mistakes Please help Sari
-- Saritha, US 09/17/02

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Honey!!! I totally understand your anxiousness! I agree; husbands aren’t really the right instructors! nor are other relatives!

The best place to actually learn driving is from an instructor. They deal with student drivers everyday, and don’t just expect you to know things. They understand if you dont know certain things, and don’t mind explaining certain things over and over again.

If you feel nervous about driving, I'd suggest you take a few classes ( even if you have a license). This will give you the confidence in you need. And moreover, you can tell them youre not happy with reverse driving, and the instructor can spend time teaching you the various skills.

Actually, driving is not all that difficult. It just takes a while to get accustomed to a few things. For me parallel parking was the worst prob. I don’t know how I got my license, but even now I get the jitters if I need to parallel park!

In such cases, it’s best to practice. The more you practice the better you will get. The main thing with reverse driving is looking over your shoulder, and distance judgment. Things like this will only come through practice. You can practice this in an empty road or a wide open area.

Don’t worry, be calm and practice. Best of luck!

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