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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: Can all languages be whispered?
Can all known human languages be whispered? If so, is the ability to whisper in a language part of its development, does it shape the language, how so, and how important is it? If there are some languages which cannot be whispered, what languages are they, and why can't they be whispered? Thank you!
-- Anonymous, Portland USA 08/06/08
A: Any sound which can be voiced, can be produced with murmur hence the words in other languages whether it is foreign or in side of country can be voiced or murmured, you will be able to produce the tune without knowing what’s the meaning. Just like drawing the alphabets – not writing. But the ability to give the clarity and tune of languages in its original form can be produced by the artists of mimicry/mono act as they can produce by imitating sounds of other living beings/creatures in earth – it is called artistic talent. But such sounds shall not be effective words and sentence but tonal only.

Those who have with them this talent can whisper any of the languages – some one want trial and for some other’s within short time. Aspiring capacity and the ability to imitate is the leading factors.

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