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Q: Am I missing something about my 19 months old boy?
My son is 19 month old.He is up to date with all the milestones except talking.He was babbling till he was 11 months,later he stopped babbling and no talking yet.I had my second girl when he was 16 months old.we took him to a speech and language pathologist when he was 18 months old,and she thinks that he is far behind and suggested speech therapy,I am going to have it ASAP but am i missing something here?The therapist initially thought that it could be autism but later denied it.My son basically loves to be cuddled,he understands things clearly,easy with new people/strangers-immediately smiles at them,learns fast,anticipate things(like I usually tickle him at the end of a small rhyme,he will start smiling towards the end even before I start to tickle him)feeds himself using his hands-though he don't know to use spoons and forks.He loves watching commercials and will run to TV no matter what he is doing or where he is at that time,will run towards us when we say "lets go bye-bye" no matter what he is I guess he is not deaf. On the other hand,he doesn't use sign language,he don't point things,he conveys his need by reaching out or jumping or crying.he makes good eye contact with most of the people.He puts everything in his mouth.these are some of the things I consider important in assessing the situation. Please enlighten me whether I am missing something here,I would be more than happy to answer any questions about my son.
-- lux sam, United States 04/25/07
A: Hi,

By what youve mentioned, it surely doesnt sound like autism or even a mild form of it. So dont worry.

Next, almost all kids put things in their mouth - this is a way of figuring out what the thing is. 19 months is not far enough age-wise to stop mouthing things. It may take upto 3 years before the kid realizes he/she shouldnt mouth everything.

You mentioned that he anticipates what ususally happens after his rhyme session - this is surely a major milestone, and one of the major factors to show that he is on track developmentally.

Some kids do have prolems with speech. At least I've seen it so much not to take it way too seriously. But what I do tell you is that you should surely try out speech therapy. Speech therapists are better equipped to asses what your son needs and will be able to help him better.

In the meanwhile I do suggest you try sign language with your son - just so that he can convey what he needs without getting frustrated (which is what seems to be going on). Be patient, it took my daughter several attempts before she got the hang of signing.

Take care and please follow up with your doctor about any developments or the lack of.

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