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Q: my 2 mnth old has doubled his birth weight!!! Can i start him on cereal
I am the proud mommy of a handsome 2 month lil boy!!!! But a very tired one. He has doubled his birth weight and i have only haad him on the breast, he seems to be up almost every hour at night to feed i make sure i keep him up so he gets a long feed at each feeding but i think he id\s not getting fulfilled is it ok to start him on cereal???? I have read taht it should be 15lbs, double birth weight or 4 mnths he has doubled birth weight he now weighs 12lbs but he is not 4 months or 15lbs. I am getting very exhausted with these night feedings and i am worried that he is not getting the rest he needs either. Please help.
-- Stacey, ontario canada 04/15/07
A: Hi Stacey,

Congratualtions on your lil cuddly kid. The answer to question straight away is NO.

You must wait at least till your kid is 4months before you start him on cereal. Their digestive systems arent tough enough to digest anyting other than breast milk or formula.

Yup, getting up and feeding is extremely exhausting, but you need to continue it till he is atleast 3 months. At that point you can wait for 8 hours before a nightime feeding, but till then just remember that time flies.

You can consult your doctor about his weight and if he can go more than 5 -6 hours before a feeding. It does look like he's growing pretty fast. It may be fine, but I would definately suggest you call your sons doc to find out if he's growing normally.

And dont worry about your baby's rest. He will surely get enough. Since they dont do much at this age, they dont get too tired. Do put him on his belly for tummy time for about 5 - 6 mins so that his neck and back develop well.

And please dont forget to check with the doctor about your baby's wieght gain

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