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Q: puja
I desparately need a job.Can you please tell me what puja should I do to fulfill my wish. I was born 5th september 1970,at 3.20 A.M. at secunderabad,A.P.India.Thank you.
-- sadhna achanta, U.S. 03/16/07
A: It would be better if you ask this query in astrology category so that I can analyse it in detail and suggest you appropriate remedies.

The best option would bve to worship the family deity since i have come across excellent results from it in case of delay in all matters. However astrologically i would suggest you the following.

I cast your chart and find that the debilitated saturn in 10th house is the basic reason for the delay in getteing a job. Further Saturn also happens to be the Karaka for Job/career.You need to do propitiation measures for the planet saturn.(for details visit My home page

As regards PoojaYou may perform a Mahaganapathi Homa with regular worship at anjaneya temple. Performing a single pooja may not be that effective unless comprehensive remedies are undertaken.

I would suggest you to wear a maha pada pradayaka Yanthra for instant results and also wear a red coralon the ring finger of right hand. For any further clarifications contact me through my home page.

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