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Q: Kalsarp Yoga
I was born on 18 December 1985 at 3:34 pm in Delhi. Do I have Kalsarp Yoga? If yes, what kind?
-- Devyani, NJ, USA 01/06/07

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Ms.devayani, Prima facie it may appear that you have kalasarpa yoga since all the planets as well as the lagna is hemmed in between rahu kethu. this is kalasarpadosha. But the silver line in this case is that your mars is precisely out of this axis since the planet is at 8 degree 49 minutes in libra where as the node kethu is at 12 degree and 51 minutes.However the malefic effect of kalasarpa DOSHA MAY BE PRONOUNCED partially. However you need not worry since this yoga is not such a dreaded one as peoplemake it read my stock response below. kalasarsapa dosha is a much talked about malefic yoga though it does not have approval of any standard astrological text.

The dosha happens when all the planet either including or excluding Lagna is hemmed in between Rahu and Kethu axis.

From my experience I have observed people with such yoga toiling more than what is required to get their desires full filled . further obstacles in all matters of life posing great challenge in life.

Obiviously you have to appease Serpent god and or Rahu and Kethu in temples specifically prescribed. Kalahasthi near Tirupathi, Thirunageswaram near Kumbakonam, Mannarassala and Pampumekkadu in Kerala are some of the South indian temples. If you are staying in north india You are advised to enquire in your area . further you may also worship Durga or Kali for redressal.

More than one time remedy people with kalasarpa yoga is suggested to perform regular worship to such deities at home and lighting of lemon lamp to durga during Rahu kalam on sundays.

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