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Q: Recently while rating an answer I came across this advice in astrology: “ during the Jupiter Mahadasa its advisable not to eat non-veg or to take hard drinks”. I seek the opinion of the seniors here on this matter. Do they agree with this & validate the advice. Please re.
-- Anonymous, India 01/05/07
A: As a matter of fact it is better to be a vegeterian all the time from the point of view of health, b......

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Q: Hi amma, if mother and son are born in the same janma nakshatra is it good or is it bad?. My friend is born in Anuradha nakshatra and so is her son.Is this God or bad?. Please reply
-- Anonymous, United States 01/05/07
A: This is a usual question from the family having 2 or three members with the same nakshtra.First you ......

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Q: Happy new year to all promoters,experts and members of Ammas. I pray to almighty to bestow health, happiness and prosperity on you in Year 2007. Ajay kukreja
-- Ajay Kukreja, India 12/30/06
A: Thanks for the good wishes. I am happy to see at least one individual who is happy with himself and ......

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Q: Please describe the benefits of having these yogas in a natives chart. Dharma karma adhipati raja yoga anabha yoga pasha yoga Nipuna yoga vasi yoga Raja yoga amala yoga
-- Anand V, India 04/11/06
A: Dear Anand,

Yogas in a horoscope no doubt add to the strength and power of the chart. However it ......

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Q: I have a sister who was born on 10th may 1979 at hyderbad in AP. she is now working in India.I would like to know when would she get married ? would it be a love or arranged ? I just want her to have a good and understanding husband. Thanks!
-- Anonymous, USA 03/22/06
A: In astrological query the year,month,date,time, and place of birth are required to cast a chart and ......

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