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Sky is the limit
-- Manchu

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Q: Dear Ammas, I have recently watched a movie with which I simply fell in love. I really would like to buy it on VCD or even DVD but can not find it on the net... I am not sure of exact name... In English they translated it as ' a peck on the cheek'... It was directed by Mani Ratnma, 2002, was I think in Tamil, shown in UK on Channel 4 recently, was a story of a little girl who was adopted and wants to find her real mother... Can anyone please let me know any site I can buy it from which will deliver in UK? Or at least let me know the proper name... Oh, and I am looking for VCD/DVD with English subtitles... Thanks ever so much.
-- Natasha Pal, UK 11/08/04
A: Dear Natasha,

I watched that movie. Movie name is "Kannathil muthamittal" (Maniratnam direction).......

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Q: Dear ammas, I have an embarrassing question. I got a nude colored pantyhose for a black formal skirt. I am not sure if they can be worn with a black colored skirt.Also, is it required to wear panties under panty hose, because, the pantyhose is very see through. Please reply ammas.Thankyou.
-- Your name, USA 10/31/04
A: Hi,

You can wear either nude colour or black pantyhose for a black formal skirt.It's good practic......

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Q: Please can u tell me what the term photo-toxic means. Thanks
-- JK, Australia 11/03/04
A: Dear Jk,

Photo-toxix means sensitive to light. For example, lemon is a photo-toxic.Exposing to t......

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Q: Hello, I live in a typical apartment with glass windows and blinds. But I want to hang curtains on the windows. Can we get the materials (cloth, rods, and any fixtures) in a store? If so which one? Can you give me some advice on how to proceed? Thanks.
-- Homemaker, USA 10/31/04
A: Hi,

You can get the materilas from Wal-mart (Furniture&decor secton).…......

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Q: Namaskar to all ammas ! COuld anyone tell me where to get good designer sarees in chennai other than BOutique shops..As i am planning to visit India next month..I already asked abt this..But i didn't get reply. SO, pls any amma suggest me. Thanks in advance!
-- Your name, Your location 10/29/04
A: Hi,

You can get good designers sarees for reasonable price at RMKV textiles. This shop is in Pana......

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