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-- Happy Momma

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Q: hello ammas...hope u all r doing great in ur lives.i really appreciate the kind of work u all r doing...sometimes in life u find urself in a position where u want suggestions,advices from other individuals to make ur problem look simple.well,yes ammas,i m here with one of my problem.I do have answers to it but dont really know whether they r gonna solve it.Ammas,i m a simple girl of 23yrs,got married last december.I married mainly because my parents wanted me too.i was doing good with my life before.well,i got married and came to london.My husband is a very good person,exactly what i had dreamt of.Now coming to my problem,i am planning to go to India this year,first time after getting married.I miss my family and friends back in India.My inlaws stays in a different state in india which is actually very far from my place.I am taking break from my job and will be staying in india for atleast a month.I am going alone as my husband wud be busy in his project during that time of the year.I am confused as to divide my time between my place and inlaws home.I have never stayed at my inlaws place before so it is going to be first time and also i dont know anyone there.I am sure i would get bored there without my husband with me.I tried to explain this to my husband but he doesnt understand,according to him i have to stay at his place during most of my vacation.I cant do it ammas.I am not saying that i hate going to his place and staying there but i cant do it alone.Since i am going alone and first time, i want to spend few days there and want to go back to my parents.I am sure most of ammas have had this problem in their lives...what did u do?how did u solve it without hurting you husbands feelings.Ammas i have to meet my friends,my colleagues,relatives during my trip to india.I dont want to miss it.Please help me,i am in a big dilemma.Thanks in advance
-- tanya, UK 11/10/04
A: Tanya!

I totally understand what you mean. You obviously didnt spend much time with your inlaws d......

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Q: Hi Amma.. As u know, mostly in India i've seen bread slices in Veg. Briyani.It really tastes good along with the rice. How and when to add the bread slices ? Which bread is suitable for this ? Please share ur knowledge with me. Thanks,,
-- Janet, US 07/14/04
A: I would prefer plain white bread - cut them into tiny bits, and either deep fry them in ghee, or go ......

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-- Shanti, florida 07/15/04
A: 2 spoons chana dal 1/2 spoon urad dal 4 - 5 red chillies 1 spoon dhaniya seeds 1/4 spoon methi s......

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Q: I have a question about the way to serve the Hyderabadi dish 'Qubani ka Meetha'. I have seen the dish served two ways: custard and qubani in two separate dishes, and they are layered in a cup(with cream on top) just before serving. The other way is to layer the custard and qubani and cream in the serving dish itself before serving it. Ideally, I would like to layer them all in one dish. I am cooking for a group of 15 people. My question is if I layer it ahead of time, will it all get mixed up and become like one big messy goop while serving? Will this still taste good though? I guess what I am trying to say is that I really want to do the layering, but am I taking a risk? Any experience, tips, advice would help... P.S: I am not interested in serving it with icecream.
-- Sneha, USA 07/15/04
A: Yes, you can layer it without mixing up all the layers.

Make sure all the seperate layers (qurban......

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Q: Dear tech support, I cannot see the points reflected correctly though my advice is being rated. the points did not increase even after 2 days of giving the advice. Please rectify the problem.
-- keerthi vadapalli, usa 03/14/04
A: Your points will increase after the query is closed......

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