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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

Latest Vaastu Advice

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Q: My husband and I stay in flat which has kitchen in the north east. its door facing to south, window in east wall, sink and counter space in east. the flat is leased to we cant make any changes. plz provide remedy for this situation, thanks saryu
-- sarayu, UAE 09/24/09
A: The kitchen is best only in the South east portion of the House The presiding deity of S.E. is Agni, the God of fire. Therefore, as per VASTU kitchen should be on the S.E.

Never Have a kitchen in the North east this will seriously effect the prosperity and curtail peace and mutual love in the family..


Q: My flat is East facing.The entrance is in South East. The toilet is in North East area. Please advise remedy.
-- Hemant Nilegaonkar, India 09/22/09
A: The NE symbolizes almost everything that a man aspires for like health, growth, wealth, career enhancements etc. A toilet in the NE weakens the positive energy flow that is received from the NE point of a building. The waste matter is devoid of bio-energy, all commodes and pipes are connected to underground sewage lines. Hence the energy field inside the toilet is dead. Positive cosmic forces which enter the house from the NE get repelled by this energy dead area. Therefore if the inmates use the toilet in the NE they may experience financial stagnation, debts, wrong judgments, dull & disobe


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