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-- Latha Kishore

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Q: Hi amma, we will be trying for a baby. I have some doubt which I hope amma will answer. Suppose I had my period on 1st Nov and then I had unprotected sex. Now according to my calculation, I should get my next period on 28th - 29th Nov but suppose I dont get that period and then find out thru pregnancy test that I'm pregnant, I want to know that time how many days will I be pregnant. Will I be pregnant for 28th days (counting my first day of period as day one) or how to calculate how many days I'm carrying (I know doctor will tell me but without going to doctor, first how can I find that out)? Hoping to receive ur earliest reply. Thanks amma and bye.
-- sss, usa 11/26/02
A: Hi sss, Generally the the due date and duration of pregnancy is calculated by most doctors from the first day of your last period as opposed to date of conceiving (which would mean when you ovulated). Taking this into consideration, if you test after the 28th to 29th day of your cycle and the result is positive it means, that you are 4 weeks pregnant. However, the actual due date will be knwon as and when the foetus develops and an ultrasound date is a more accurate predictor of when the baby will be due. Hope this answers your question. A great way to caluclate your due date is to use a due


Q: namasthe amma!! my problem is regarding my husbands health .. he is suffering frm acidity and dry cough .. we went to the doctor aswell he prescibed a medicine called sudafed .. but my husband is not taking that cos it increases his heartburn.. pls tell me if there is any remedy for this acidity and dry cough .. i mean anything natural and that which is easily available ...thanks in advance!
-- nimmy, united kingdom 11/26/02
A: Hi nimmy, Here are some herbal remedies for acidity. Please follow them regularly and you should find good results. Also remember, that you would have to be careful as to what you eat. Too much spice and oily food causes acidity and heartburn. So, avoid spicy food. Take a tiny piece of jaggery every hour. Just keep it in the mouth and slowly suck it till acidity subsides. Drink coconut water 3-4 times a day. Have a plateful of watermelon and / or cucumber every hour. As for dry cough here are some herbal remdies that my aunt used to have us do for dry cough - A glass of warm water with juice


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