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-- Happy Momma

Latest Health Advice

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Q: Hi Amma, I want to know what vegetables contain protein?
-- Radhika, 03/09/04
A: There are a lot of veggies with a good amount of protein; but the best protein sources (vegetarian) are dals (lentils), beans (kidney beans, garbanzo beans etc), soy (beans, nuts, tofu etc). They have high amounts of protein with little or no fat.

Nuts, like peanuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds etc all also have good amounts of protein. But keep in mind that they do have large amounts of fat & cholesterol as well. But mostly the cholesterol from nuts is good cholesterol, so it's good to eat nuts on a daily basis. But only snack on them. Eat a small handful of nuts and no more.



Q: Hi ammas, We are planning for a baby and this will be my first pregnancy. My question is that i am undertaking some fasting on tuesdays and i partake only liquid diet(juices and milk) sometimes it falls on my fertile period or just after my fertile period( i will not know if i am pregnant in this case). Is this safe and also will this in affect either ovulation or fertilization or in case the egg is fertilized, will it affect the embryo? Pls reply ASAP! thanks!
-- Deepa, singapore 02/02/04
We are planning for a baby
Hi Deepa, as long as you eat well (good nutritious food including solid food) on the other days of the week, you will be fine. Yes, you will need all the nourishment you can get every day, but as long as you ensure you get all the nutrients you need, you dont have to worry.

Even on the days you fast, try to make sure you stay well nourished. If you're only going to take juices, try to take mulitvitamins as well. The other days of the week, make sure you eat fresh veggies and fruits. Get your fat from healthy sources like nuts and milk.

But Deepa, once you get pregnant, try as far as poss


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