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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: Hi, i read your suggestion to someone regarding the free version games to be played over and over again... you also said for more information give you the game name.. i have a similar problem the game name is monopoly 3 or monopoly here and now edition... can you help me..
-- Anonymous, Unknown 01/25/08
A: Sucn versions are eithr trial one or demo version which can be played as free downloaded for a short period. You can delete the such games/programmes/uninstall the same and re-download. But the utility of such versions shall also be limited when compared to licenced package. The Trial versions of every program have its utility limitations.


Q: two days before i download a trial version of game after i played for 60 minutes its time period has expired. so i again download it from the same site on my pen drive and try to installed on my laptop but it doesnt installed and message appeared that the trial period expired what should i do
-- priya jadhav, india 01/14/08
A: Hi Priya, you have to note that downloaded trial versions has its stipulated expiry working time or date. It will not remain active after the expiry. Also free downloaded programs/games etc. are only allow to download and use only to the same pc where it downloaded, this means they will not provide the program batch files fully with the program installer while downloading free programs. Without installer you cannot copy it and use in other pcs.


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