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Q: Hi, I live in Chicago and I own a one curry plant. I am having some problems with it. All these problems happens only in winter when the plant is indoor. I do not have any of this problem when the plant is outdoor in summer. (1.) There are some brown oily spots on the plants and I don't know why they appear. I can remove it very easily but there are lots of them and they come back. (2.) I see some spider web kind of threads on the plants. I don't have any spider. I don't understand how they are formed and how to stop them. Once they come on my plnt it stops growing. (3.) Does curry plant sprays oil around it. Because I get that. The window, the table under it and the plants beside it all gets some kind of oil on them. Is there a way to stop this? Can any one please help me with this? Thank you, Mitul Patel
-- Mitul Patel, Chicago, USA 01/03/06
A: Dear Mitul, curry plant needs lot of sunlight for its growth. In the winter months when you have the plant inside the house you need to place a bulb near the plant so that the light would fall on the plant and helps in its growth. The oiliness you are mentioning is due to the fact that it is infected. Though you may not be able to see the insect with your naked eye, the oiliness and the spider webs kind of formations indicate that it is infected. The best remedy I would suggest is to sprinkle mustard powder on the plant a little initially, just in case if it is not badly infected. If u find a


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