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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

Latest Sports Advice

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Q: Any runners group in Pune that I can join to get some appropriate training for running my first marathon?
-- Unmesh, Pune, India 09/30/08
A: You have to contact with Sports authorities to get training in running events including marathon.


Q: IPL - Will it just be about teams fighting it out for championship points? Or will it provide an insight into cricket loyalty and fan loyalty? Will all this last?
-- Umesh Kalra, Indore 04/18/08
A: The way things are heading loyalty is really going to become a major issue, particularly when you can make more money in six or eight weeks than what you can in a whole season.Loyalty versus money always makes for an interesting debate.The bottom line is the money on offer in India is not going away and it may even get more and more tempting.


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