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-- Happy Momma

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Q: Dear Amma, I would like to do painting on saris, churidars, bedsheets etc in my spare time. From where I can get some good patterns that I can draw on the above items. Is there any place that I can find patterns for fabric painting on the internet. Please help me.
-- gleena shajith, india 04/18/03
A: Hi Gleena,

Hope these help.………


Q: Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your site very much and found it very informative. I am not of Indian Descent, however I am very drawn to Indian culture and the Hindu religion. I am also drawn to Indian fashion. I realize this is a rising trend in the U.S. where I live. I wear a bindhi on my forehead, however I do not do this carelessly, I have researched what the Bindhi means to the Indian culture and traditions and respect and inform others when asked. I am curious as to your thoughts on westerners wearing Indian inspired fashions and bindhis. Thank you for an informative site. Sincerely, April Janelle
-- April Janelle, AMERICA 12/30/02
Ammas thoughts on western women wearing bindis
Hi April,

Well, that is really wonderful! I think its wonderful that you like wearing bindis and wear them on a regular basis. Actually I think any Indian would love to see a westerner wearing Indian things, bindis or clothes etc.


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