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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: I have been getting these mails from the support team: Dear Council Member, We're writing to inform you that your rating score has fallen below 3. What is this rating score? The system gives you a score based on how your ratings compare to those given by other council members. If your ratings vary widely, and consistently, with respect to those by other council members, the system deducts that you have rated without consideration or thought and thus allocates you a low rating. What next? You will still be able to rate queries and responses. But once your rating score falls to 2, you will be removed from the council. To help you rate queries and responses in an objective manner, we have put together some guidelines. We request you give them a read: Guidelines for rating a query: Calculating a rating for a response: If you have any questions, please contact us at Regards, Now, My rating has been below 3 for a long time. So why am I getting these mails now? Second, how about providing us the option of giving the reason for our different rating?
-- Lata Thakur, United States 04/06/11
A: These Guide lines help you to rate queries and answers in a more serious and accurate way.

May be , your rating performance is below to the mark when comparing it to other council members who rate queries and responds.

In future you will be careful and a little more serious while rating queries and responds.


Q: Our Company: has been growing steadily thanks to the popular support from its members, advertisers and users from different walks of life. "Change is the only thing that has not changed" is a well known idea. Considering the high standard of our website, please suggest categories which may be newly introduced and/or categories which may be omitted for enriching the site. Learned members/council members of Ammas .com who have been patronising well are requested to give their considered views briefly. Thanks in advance to your replies.
-- Anonymous, India 04/02/11
A: First of all glad to join you in appreciating our rich and popular website and extent my thanks to the founders, governing body and the tech. crew members for introducing newer technologies and he challenging initiatives taken to maintain the quality/standards in overall.

I think enough categories are already in Board at this stage however; I have to point out some categories having additions with “And Other Issues” which we can see in several/similar categories. There mixed categories making confusion to not only to the Asking persons but also to Council Members. Because of it same quer


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