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Latest Technical Support Advice

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Q: Dear amma,atAmmas Supprt Team,as you advised me to check my news letters,I did;and found out that there is no single news letter that I published!!!They are vanished!!!Is there any way that I can get them back into my web page?I really appreciate your helpfulness.Thanking you,raagam thaalam.
-- raagam thaalam, usa 03/18/04
A: First go to your newsletters page, and click on the newsletters you want to get published, click enter

You need to go to your setup page, and then your make sure you click on the show newsletters.


Q: Dear tech support, I cannot see the points reflected correctly though my advice is being rated. the points did not increase even after 2 days of giving the advice. Please rectify the problem.
-- keerthi vadapalli, usa 03/14/04
A: Your points will increase after the query is closed


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