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-- Happy Momma

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Q: Dear amma, I am the same person who is searching for friends from the past 8 months (now it is 9 months). Many ammas have misunderstood my querry. I am a very busy person. I read a lot, I teach stuff to my child, cook, do painting, do embroidery, sing, do lot of other things and I am not idling here. My worry was and is that I am unable to see or talk to any one around here as I am not able to make any friends in the first place. Otherwise, I have lots of work to do but we do need some friends with whom we can spend some time isn't it? I am trying to find some Indian association here as some ammas suggested but if you have more suggestions and pls advice and help me. Thank you.
-- aaa, US 12/03/02
A: The best way to reach any association is to go to the temple or church or mosque or any other place of worship. Speak to the receptionist about any organisations around the area. Become a member of one of them. Once to start going to the meetings and gatherings, you'll get to meet people and make friends with them.

You can also try to find out if there are any indians in your apartment. The best way is to ask at the apartment office (unofficially) and meet them.

Apart from that, you can meet people in your kid's school as well.

There is a website called There is a section


Q: hi all ammas! amma i belong to a traditional family. i never spoke to any male i am engaged to a very nice person.he is very open minded.he wants to talk to me and know about me because we have never met before although he lives near to my home.i do not know how to speak to him i do not even know how to greet him nd how to behave in front of him.i am very worried lest i should spoil my impression on him.plz help me
-- abc, india 12/02/02
A: Honey,

Just be yourself. Greet him as you would a friend. Just hi or hello. It may be a little different in the beginning, but as you get to know him and talk to him, you wont find it abnormal at all. This happens to everyone, so just try to stay calm and be your usual self. You can talk to him about yourself, and ask him about him. Dont worry, about spoiling your impression. You'll be fine. You can take a small card or gift for him when you first meet him.


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