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Q: Hi Ammas.. I dont know where to put this question exactly. I want to get a driving licence. But I have eye problem. I cannot see with one of my eyes properly. The other eye is perfect.Like u cannot know that I have this probem if u just see me until I tell.So will I be able to get thru the vision test first of all. Will I ever get to drive a car with this problem? Please help.
-- Sahithi, Dallas,Texas 02/28/04
Is it possible to get a Driver's License with partial blindness in one eye?
Hi Sahithi,

The eye test will easily show that you have a sight problem. They will not let you do the test unless you get glasses. If you already have glasses, and can see well with them, you dont have a problem, but if you dont yet have glasses, you will surely have to visit the doctor and get prescription glasses, and then you can go and give your test.

You dont have to worry, as long as you can see well with your glasses, you will surely be able to get a DL. Best of luck.


Q: I'm looking for an affordable SUV for my wife and kids, something not too big, but sturdy and dependable. Can you recommend something. Also, what are the leasing options? Or is it better to pay up front? Thanks for your advice.
-- Tirone, USA 09/09/03
Sugest a good suv for my wife and Kids please.
Hi Tirone,

If youre really looking for a reliable vehicle for your family, I'd suggest you concentrate more on vans rather than SUVs. I'm saying this, just because SUVs have a much higher topple rate than vans. Especially if you love to travel, and have to pass through winding roads, SUVs can be pretty dangerous, if you happen to drive a lil too fast.

Anyway, whatever you're looking for, most of current SUVs and vans are pretty good. What you select basically depends on your requirements, and the price youre willing to pay. It's not to bad to try out used cars, as at times you can get re


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