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Q: I got married in Feb 2010. My wife is sometimes adamant. Inorder to get my attention or sometimes to get what she wants , she tries to commit sucide without realising any of the outcome of her act. she tries to commit sucide like trying to cut the blood veins of the hand with blade , pouring hot wax of the candle which makes me afraid of her . otherwise she is a good girl and i love her very much. I want to safeguard me and my elderly parents in case if she did any thing stupid again like committing suicide. can anything can be done legally ?? Please advise ..
-- Anonymous, NAVI MUMBAI 06/23/11
A: I think she needs medical-i mean mental treatment/counselling etc. immediately. Secondly its safe to report at the nearest police station along with the medical report of treatment to safeguard your side legally.


Q: hi amma how is second wife's rights?, 2.husbund's pension etc, 3.husband's ancestral properties, &her what about her female/ male issues?
-- sowmiya maheswari, India 10/04/09
A: This may differ according to religions as civil laws differ to religions.

In a Hindu Family if the Hindu man dies intestate (i.e. without leaving any testamentary document such as 'Will') then all his widows get one share of the property,each one of them get equal share of the one part, the only condition here is that both marriages in question of the Hindu should be properly solemnized although his second marriage during the first wife living shall be considered Void however the right of the second wife/widow to share the property of her deceased husband with the first wife can not be deni


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