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-- Happy Momma

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Q: Hi amma, My husbandis on H1 visa and applied for green card and it is on its last stage. We have NRE account there.Only me and my husband can operate the account. We want to buy a house in India.But we cant go to india for the time being. Can we buy house and do all the financial dealing sitting at here?
-- padma, us 08/08/02
Living in the US, can we buy a house in India without visiting?

If you have anyone you know in India, you can ask them to see the house. You can then send a cheque to them to buy the house. They can send the papers here for you to sign in and you can do the needful, sign it and send it back.


Q: Hi amma, I am bringing my parents for my delivery. I heard that we need a bank balance of 15k. My questions are 1. Can I put that amount in cd and show that? 2. Now for how many month visa my parents will get? thanks in advance.
-- padma, us 08/08/02
A: Padma,

A CD is not really a good choice. Since you will have money there for a fixed period, you wont be able to withdraw it when needed. This wont be counted when you need to bring your parents from India.

You can deposit about 10,000$ in your Savings or Checking accounts. The point is that you should be able to spend out of your pocket if there is any emergency. These accounts let you do so. So this is what is considered.

Anyway, you dont actually have to show the INS anything. All you need to do is deposit, and get a signature from the Bank notory, that you have enough money to sup


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