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Sarada Prithipal's Kitchen
-- Sarada Prithipal

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Q: WoW! I just came across this site yesterday.I enjoyed reading all the info on Indian recipes. I am surprised that the site is so huge but so little known! I would like to ask a quick question. I live in a flat but would love to have a small tandoor oven in my kitchen. Now, I am not sure what is available. Are any tandoor ovens made for home use? Who are the manufacturers? Has anyone tried it? How does it work? Are the results of using it as good as those from a tandoor oven one sees in Indian Restaurants? Any other way of cooking food like one can in a Tandoor oven? Many thanks and Keep up your fantastic work!!
-- Anonymous, United States of America 07/25/06
A: Hi, This site says they have tandoor ovens for home use.….

The other way is to bake at high temperature in the oven . For Naan put the baking tray upside down with some oil greased to it. On high heat cook the naan.


Q: Hi, My friend Raj, at work, told me about this site. I asked him for an Indian tea recipe similar to what we used to make. I need a recipe with the following ingredients, but the right proportions, and also instructions. Here's what my husband thinks the recipe is: 1 1/3 c water, 2 2/3 c milk, 1 tsp fresh ground cardamon, darjeeling tea (qty?), 2 cinn sticks, 5 cloves, 1/4 honey. How much of everything, including tea? How long to steep? I cannot find a similar recipe on the internet, as chai recipes seem to include ginger, pepper, or other ingredients this tea did not have. My son is grown up and would like this recipe that he remembers from his youth. Thanks for your help.
-- Diane, Pa,Usa 01/22/05
A: Hi Diane, I would like to give the Chai recipe I usaually make. The Procedure is as follows. 1 Cup (250ml)Milk 1/2 cup water 2 Tsp tea powder 2Tsp Sugar 3 numbers Cardammom 3 cloves In a sauce pan bring water to a boil. Add the tea powder ,cardammom, cloves and sugar.Boil for two minutes and then add milk. Boil the tea well and simmer for about three minutes. Strain this tea and serve hot.


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