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Q: How to make gulabjamuns with sweet potatoes ?Any recipe ideas please.Thanks.
-- roja, singapore 08/12/04
Can ammas suggest a recipe for Gulab Jamuns made using Sweet Potatoes?
Dear Roja! I got this recipe from 250gms sweet potatoes 150gms milk powder 250gms thick sugar syrup Pinch of elaichi powder Oil for frying Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun Method: Mash the sweet potatoes along with milk powder properly and make a soft dough. If the dough is hard you can use little milk then make small balls and fry it in the hot oil at medium heat till it becomes golden in colour. Then put it in the hot sugar syrup, let it be soaked for sometime. Serve it chill or hot. Preparation time: 35 minutes


Q: Dearest Amma, Pls tell me the recipe of curd vada. Sincerely, soumya.
-- Soumya, india 07/08/02
A: Dear Soumaya! Check my recipe for curd vada at…


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