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Q: Hello My sister got admissin in Alaska Fairbanks. Wht is the flight route from India? i.e thru pacific/atlantic or wht? Just let me know...thanks in advance
-- xyz, US 05/28/03
A: The Pacific route is the best. This is because Alaska is almost at the West most tip, so the Pacific route is the shortest. If she comes by the Atlantic route, it's just going to be a longer flight, and she'll be flying over Europe.


Q: Hi Ammas, I recently moved to Dallas. Are there any good places to see near to this place. 8 hrs drive is also okay for us. We want to spend the coming long week end away from home... Please help... thanks,
-- Sanju, USA 05/01/03
A: Hi Sanju,

We live in Dallas too, and though there aren’t too many places to see, there are quite a few places that you can drive to.

You can go to Houston. It's a 4 - 5 hour drive from Dallas. You can go to NASA, the temple, Galveston island etc while you’re there.

You can also go to San Antonio. It's also a 4 hour drive. You can go to Sea World, and visit River Walk. You wont need more than 2 days for this.

If you want to, you can visit Austin too. It's on the way.

You can drive upto Oklahoma. There are quite a few places there to see.

You can also drive to New O


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