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Q: Dear Ammas You are doing a great job. My friend is getting married next month, I would like to send soemthing to her, but I don't have any idea what to send and how to? Please give me some ideas to think about. and also how to send it to India. thanks, ramya.
-- ramya, USA 04/16/03
sending a wedding gift to a friend in India.

I've always used to send gifts to India. The service is good - the product always reaches on time, and is always in good conditon. Compared to quite a few sites where what is shown is very different from what is delivered, I feel is really good.

I'm not sure which part of India you need to send the gift to, but if you stay outside Hyderabad, you have an extra of $6 for shipping charges.

You can send jewellery or electrical stuff depending on what your budget is.

You can also send them money and let them decide what to get. I always prerfer thi


Q: What present to give for sister-in-law's marriage? Any ideas grealty appreciated. Budget around $300. Marriage in Tirupathi. Tamilian wedding. Thanks.
-- pushpak, USA 12/24/02
wedding gift in $300.00 range for her sister-in-law's marriage.
Well, that's around 14,000 RS. You can get a lot with that money. You can if you want offer to get her a sari for the wedding. Anyways, you need at least 3 or 4 saris, and it is a big expense, so you can offer to buy one of them. Or you can also get her a nice jewellery set. You can buy some stones etc from here, and get a nice set done when you go to India. You can easily get a necklace and earring set for that amount.

Does she have a prayer set, like kuttuvizhakku, kamatchi vezhakku, varalakshmi’ face, etc. If she doesn’t, you can offer to get a few of them that come within yo


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