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Latest Immigration Advice

Q: My parents are of age 59 and 52 and they will be going for visitor visa to chennai consulate. I know that if a person is over 55, he/she can use the drop box feature (TT services). So, my dad qualifies and my mom doesn't. Does that mean my mom has to go to consulate and go through the interview and get it stamped? Or she can drop her passport as well along with my dad at TT services. Please let me know. Thanks and God bless you all!!
-- KC, USA 10/14/02
A: Hi KC,

To use the drop box services offered by the consulate through TT services a person must be 55 years or older. However, since your mom will be travelling along with your dad as a dependent she is eligible to apply for a visa using the drop box services along with your dad's application. Good Luck!


Q: I want to enquire that whether a person having H4 visa can work in a government office in a computer department, Without any pay and is there any time limit per week one can work or can work full time. Can u please refer to INS Guidelines while ansering this question. Hopefully i will get the reply at the earliest.Thanks
-- sanju, usa 08/13/02
A: Hi Sanju,

Legally a person on a H4 visa is not allowed to work with or without pay. To be able to wokr you need to be on a H1 visa or have an Employment Authorization Document if you have applied for a green card. Good Luck!


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