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-- Geetha Gopakumar

Latest Festivals and Celebrations Advice

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Q: sir what is the meaning of dasara why it is celebrated for 9 days and why every yerar it is celebrated for the hahappened history
-- vijayasreedurga veleti, India 09/24/09
A: Dasera is a major Hindu festival, as it makes up one of the three-and-a-half auspicious days (sade teen muhurta) of the year. It is the name imparted to the tenth day (dashami) of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month, Ashvin. Also known as Dasara, Dusshera. and Dusshera. Dasera is derived from another name for the festival, dash-hara (dash means ten and hara means defeated). Nine days before Dasera during the Navaratra, all ten (dash) directions are saturated (hara) with the female deity’s (devi’s) energy. Since this signifies victory (vijaya) over all the directions, it is also call


Q: Hi : I am an Andhraite. Can anyone let me know which colour sari is worn in a baby shower (Srimantham) function by the would-be mom. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Mrs Kumar
-- Nirmala Kumar, India 08/14/09
A: Ask at first elder ladies in your house whether any traditional/norms regarding wearings and colour of clothes to wear on such a functions prevails in your community or not.


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