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-- Latha Kishore

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Q: Amma, i have still not received my answer . This is my third query. Can someone please answer me. I want to enter real estate profession or become a property manager. How should i go about it. And where do i get state licence. I live in michigan. Canyou tell me something about this profession too
-- Nidhi, USa 11/25/02
A: Hi Nidhi, I am not too familiar about the way the state of Michigan handles real estate and rules but I can give you a general outlook. To become a real estate agent you would have to take a couple of classes - usually about 2 to 3 courses. Then you will have to write and exam usually offered by the real estate commision of your state. Once you pass the exam, you will receive your license. all this costs money - it may vary from state to state but it will be in the range of 1500 to 2500 dollars. Once you obtain a licence, you either worl independently or work with a real estate broker. There


Q: Hi amma, My query not answered. Sending once again. Here in US most of my friends are studying in the universities (MIS). They told me that to get admission, they have to give some exams called GRE or GRa (dont know properly). 1)Amma, please let me know more about these exams? What are they known as? Are the exams easy? 2)Is there any site where I can come to know what they ask in that exam? 3) In universities what all courses are available? 4) Is it worth doing extra study / courses over here. Can we really get a job in this market even if we take extra education here?
-- abcxyz, usa 11/25/02
A: Hi abcxyz,

Lets see if we can answer your query in order. 1. The exam is called GRE. This is offered for students who are wishing to apply for admission to masters in any of sciences such as Masters in Computer Science(MS), Masters in Information Science (MIS) etc. The GMAT exam is offered for students who want to apply for MAsters in Business Administration (MBA). The GRE is offered as two papers - The genral test that consists of three parts - analytical, Verbal and Quantitative. And the other paper is the Subject GRE - that is optional - and is avaialable for different subjects such as


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