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-- Happy Momma

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Q: amma my mother tongue is i have tranferred from Urdu medium to an English medium way of education.but i am very weak in English especially in spoken English and listening and understanding this language.but i understand the written english.actually i have read English as an optional subject upto my graduation but now i require to be exellent in practical english so that i can understand my coleagues and the lectures . amma i am very worried about the problm. plz tell me how i can improve my speach and listening capabilities in Englisjh in les time.
-- abc, pakistan 12/02/02
A: Watch a lot of English programs, watch the English News and try talking like them. Speak to the people around you in English. It may be difficult in the begining, but as you go on you will find it very useful. It's OK if they dont respond in English, you just speak to them.

Get a good dictionary, and learn a few words at a time.

Read the English Newspaper everyday. Read it aloud. Recording what you speak can be very useful. If you listen to yourself speaking, you will know the mistakes you make and will be able to rectify them better.

Since you write well, concentrate specifically on


Q: Hi ammas, are there any good job search web sites for canada? whatever i find are all US related. thanks.
-- , ca 07/14/02


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