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-- somayajulu sistla bhavani

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Q: My inlaws' 40th anniversary next week. I have always given them something nice and this is an important milestone in their marriage, so I need my gift to be a little special. However, their anniversary also marks the one year anniversary of my sister-in-law's brain tumour operation, which left her mostly blind and mentally unstable. SIL needs constant attention from both my inlaws. She is not married and stays with us (we 5 stay together). So going out, calling people over ec, is ruled out because of my SIL's mental condition. So i am somewhat confused over what to give them or just flowers and a card or something else..
-- Padmaja, Mumbai 01/17/11
A: Dear Friend

Present Them "Bhavadgita"

with best wishes



Here is the question: Ohkayy there's this guy he has a girlfriend but he says he is in love with me. He is telling me I'm beautiful and always texting me but He never talks to me in person and He never even said happy birthday to me today? He is confusing me a lot he always talks about me with my friends sayen how much he likes me! But idk what to do?

-- Anonymous, United States 11/29/10
A: Dear Friend From ur statements it is evident that the guy loves you.But he is having friendship with other girls also. so u must make ur own judgement on his sincerity in loving you.

wit best wishes


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