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-- Geetha Gopakumar

Latest Divorce Advice

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Q: She is 28 and i am 31. I have contacted love commondos and will go for case against her parents. i married to my girl friend in court marriage as both parents were against the marriage. both parents wanted divorce and later girl parents are asking null void. our relation is more than 4 years before marriage. she has visited me abroad many times on her own. and stayed with me. she always wanted to be with me. but after marriage she went to see her parents and then her parents started talking of null void. and threthen me to send me in jail. i also have call record in which girls father suggesting me to agree for null void. he earlier said that girl want MCD. which girl said she dosent want. before girl used to tell that her parents of black magic on her and do mental financial tourture. and she doesnst want to live with them. i work abroad and arranged for her visa and tickets as well. but she went her home. she frequently visited me abroad on her own. what if i dont want to give her divorce?? she also said she dont want to sign papers under parents pressure yet when i asked her to come with me abroad ( call recording avaiable) she was with parents and said she does not want to.
-- Anonymous, uk 04/29/14
A: In married life there is only two parties - husband and wife - before the court of law & justice to decide whether they want to remain in the relationship or to get out off. Interference and unlimited or conditional and unconditional support from others in our family life –in between husband and wife’s emotional issues even if its from parents or in-laws or outsiders is not going to benefit in any way.

The fear you expressed here is also not out of place – the possibilities will be there. We can’t assess fully or predict what others in mind and their future plans, hence be careful in dealing


Q: i want to divorce my wife, but i want my son.
-- venkatesh, IN 06/17/11
A: Try to get in mutual settlement for Divorce with your wife. Otherwise appoint an able advocate to plead you part in the court while hearing. However, your want of your son with you after divorce highly depends on your son's age and his interest on the option.


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