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Q: I had downloaded the yahoo messenger and companion, but i can only use the yahoo messenger while the yahoo companion doesn't even show up in the Internet Explorer browser.I tried to install the yahoo companion again but to no avail as well....please help!
-- alex, Singapore 04/06/03
A: Alex,

You can try uninstalling it and then installing it again. This should mostly work, but if doesnt, install an earlier version or the newest version.


Q: Hi Amma, From past two days there is a problem with my yahoo email-id. I have been trying to send/fwd a message from I verified sending to my hotmail & my friends yahooid as well as mine. I got message in hotmail box but not in either of the yahoo mail boxes. Please help me to solve this problem.
-- Yogasree, 04/01/03
A: Yogasree,

Earlier ammas had a problem with sending emails to yahoo. Probably, the problem still persists.

Try opening an account in hotmail or anyother service. I'm sure it will work.


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