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Welcome To My Site!
-- Latha Kishore

My Recipes

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02/13/01    Akki Roti (Bread made from Rice Flour)
12/21/00    Almond Mocha Cake
04/12/01    Aloo Channa Chaat (Potato and Chick Pea Salad)
02/07/01    Aloo Gobi Mattar Curry
02/23/01    Aloo Methi Masala (Potato-Fenugreek leaves gravy)
03/04/01    Andhra Potato Korma
02/10/01    Avakaya Pachhadi
02/20/01    Badnekai Yengai (Eggplant Masala)
03/15/01    Batata Saung
02/10/01    Bisi Bele Bhaath (Hot Lentils and Rice)
04/19/01    Bittergourd Gravy (Karela, kaakarkaya, paavakaa or Haagalkay Gojju)
11/27/02    Bittergourd Pachadi (Karela or Kakarakaya or Paavakaa Chutney)
05/22/03    Bottlegourd Chutney (Sorakai Pachadi or Lauki Chutney)
02/26/01    Cabbage Pickle
03/17/01    Cabbage Vada
02/13/01    Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Chutney
07/27/01    Carrot Vada (Carrot Fritters)
05/23/01    Channa Pulav (A spicy rice made with garbanzo beans/chick peas)
07/20/01    Churmuri (Puffed rice snack)
04/22/01    Coconut Rice (Tamilian Style)
03/17/01    Colourful Uttapam (Dosa with tomatoes and onions)
04/16/01    Dahi Puri (A refreshing chaat with Yogurt and Puri)
04/20/01    Dalithoy (Dal (Lentils) Konkani Style)
05/09/01    Diamond Cuts (Crispy Salty Snack)
05/07/01    Dry Garlic Chutney

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