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DOB:19.12.1970, Time: 07:15 am, Place: New Delhi, Sex: Male Wearing Pukhraj since Feb 14 and Ruby since Mar 14. Both on right hand. My Rahu Mahadasha started from April 2013. One astrologer is suggesting Cat's eye (on left hand small finger) and other suggesting not to wear it. Pls advise. Also when will my problems end. Under severe financial stress/problem.   …full advice
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Dear Panditji: I am once again seeking your advice - this time mainly regarding career and financial matters. My birth details are: December 4, 1969 at 8:19PM in Bombay, India, currently living in Orlando, Florida, USA. After a very hectic and str   …full advice
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Date of Birth: 8-jul-1974
Time of Birth:7.50am
Place of Birth:ambajipet

Dear Ammas...iam 33yr old,born on 8thjul1974 in Ambajipet(AP).at7.50am.i have several health issues.iam diabeticand also have artheritis.i have disk bulg inmy upperback and neck artheritis.iam very dipressed.i have a 3yr old healthy daughter.i want to have another kid.but iam really worried because of   …full advice

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My dob is 6 dec 1978 7:45 am new delhi. I want to know when I would start working in a job in near future. In 2008 or 2009, is there any possibility that I would start earning in a job.I am happily married and my husband is very supportive and unders   …full advice
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Dear Panditji: I would like to request your assistance with providing guidance for my husband. His birth details are as follows: Oct 13, 1970 at 8:40PM Eastern Standard Time, in Dover, New Jersey, USA. If you can go over his chart and provide you   …full advice
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