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-- Devyani   01/07/07
Thank you for your help! I would really appreciate if you could also answer my follow up questions. Thank you again.
-- K   04/12/06
Respected sir, Thanks a lot for your detailed prediction about future for my husband. I got relief from mental agony. Thanks a lot sir and seeking blessings. Regards, Anu.
-- anu   04/11/06
Respected sir, Thank you so much for your very valuable advice and time. Ur positive predictions has indeed given us a lot of hope and peace of mind. Thank you once again Sir, May god bless you With prayers and regards, HS
-- Hhh   03/13/06
As you said ,ours is a love marriage. We used to have problems within us, but will be alright within a week,but this time its going to be 2 months, we still have a clashes between us and sometimes i am scared whether this will end up in divorce,but i don't want to go for it atleast for the sake of my kid and also i care for him. You have written that i have to take care of my spouse health,is it anything serious or it is manageable.I would like to get my spouse chart too, so here is his DOB (08/19/69) (India,7.45 p.m) and please do tell the remedies(parikaram). Thankyou in advance
--   03/01/06
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