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Vedic Kerala Astrology By Raveendranath Menon

Reputed kerala Vedic astrologer hailing from a traditional family of astrologers with a 30 years of rich experience in Vedic Astrology, Gemmology,Yanthras(Talismans), Manthras and other unique Kerala vedic remedies Offer consultancy directly through his web site.

Menon is specialised in the areas of, Marital problems, issue related problems, Career, Education and health. Solve your problems Instantly.

He is the living Disciple of a Great Celestial Master, and is at the service of the Humanity as per the wish of his revered and Omniscient preceptor.

Mr. Menon is NOT answering direct queries(1-on-1) for the present due to his preoccupations.

Those who need his advice may contact him through his web site :- Vedic Kerala Astrology.

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Dear Ammas,Im Rathi from Singapore.At wat time i can perform durga pooja on friday r tuesday.I had to know whether raagu kaalam time differs wth our usual time differences.Actually we had got Indian calendar which shows 10.30 Am to 12 pm but singapore time differs by 2.30 hrs from India.Pls clear my doubt.Thanking You   …full advice
Query closed
I retired as Principal Scientist, and my pensionery benefits were held up with a writ petition in AP High Court by Govt, although I won the case in CAT. Please suggest me any mantra, preferably (Dakshinamurthy, Tripura Sundari) to enable realizing favorable benefits of the case come up for hearing (because it is lying pending for nearly last 2 years) with judgment on the release of pensionery bene   …full advice
Query closed
I desparately need a job.Can you please tell me what puja should I do to fulfill my wish. I was born 5th september 1970,at 3.20 A.M. at secunderabad,A.P.India.Thank you.   …full advice
Query closed
I was born on 18 December 1985 at 3:34 pm in Delhi. Do I have Kalsarp Yoga? If yes, what kind?   …full advice
Query closed
Hi amma, if mother and son are born in the same janma nakshatra is it good or is it bad?. My friend is born in Anuradha nakshatra and so is her son.Is this God or bad?. Please reply   …full advice

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