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Positive Notes!

I am a stay at home mom out of choice to take care of my young 3 year old son, Nehal.I have served in the Revenue Dept of State Govt of my state , Andhra Pradesh before giving up my job to be a full time mom and to volunteer and counsel rural women and their children on hygiene, child care and importance of educating their children.

I have varied interests in the field of alternative medicine, ayurveda, home and herbal remedies, vaastu, feng shui, cooking, gardening, spirituality,home schooling, education, business, internet....I can go on...:):)

You can visit my food blog where I blog about the food I cook with a focus on Andhra Cuisine at Indian Cuisine

Staying home helped to do things I always wanted to do.My goal is to start a school and promote literacy among the girls in the age group 6 to 12(60 girls),educate them,provide health care and 2 meals a day.Educate them on personal hygiene and the right to dignity and freedom of choice.Provide them a vision for the future and bring back the light to their eyes.I believe when you educate a girl ,you change a family and a community.

Amma's is a wonderful platform for all of us to share and care for each other. I am glad to be associated with ammas community.If anyone one has any queries for me related to cooking,I will do my best to help you with some helpful advise.

I have created 2 categories "Feng Shui" and "Vaastu".You can join this category to discuss all feng shui and vaastu related topics for home, career, love or anything related to feng shui and vaastu. To facilitate the new members of the group , each member is being provided with AA$20 on signing up for the group. Join the group and if you have any trouble locating the group, please inform me.

You can send me your queries and I will answer to the best of my ability.

I would love to hear from you.Please send me your opinions on my articles.Let me know if you have enjoyed the articles and if they have helped you in any way.

Joy & Happiness Always,


PS: Feel free register as a user for constant updates on the articles.


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